Bucket list diving

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Aquarium Diving

How many times have you gone to the aquarium and wondered what it would be like to dive in the exhibits with the fish? Many aquariums have volunteer programs that allow divers to help out with many of the jobs that only divers can do. Different facilities require different levels of training so if you are interested check with your local aquarium to see if they offer volunteer dive programs. It's a lot of fun and it will make you a better diver.  

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Bucket List Dive #1 

Oil Rig Eureka

A fantastic day of 100′ visibility on this oil rig off Long Beach, CA. With a depth of 400′ to 500′ you will never see to bottom (we hope) so buoyancy control and depth awareness are key skills to possess on this dive. Most dive operations require an Advanced Open Water or higher certification to do this type of dive. Unless to dive operator has permission there is not taking of any sea life on or around the oil rigs. If you plan to hunt for scallops or fin fish be sure to inquire before booking your dive.



As the name suggests there is a good chance to see seals or sea lions on this dive.  It is a Marine Protected Area (no taking of anything here, even shells) so you will also see some large fish, lobsters and as always the photogenic Garibaldi.  Remember when diving around seals or sea lions that they can be like dogs.  Some are very friendly and playful and others would prefer to be left alone.  I always tell my buddies to keep calm and just do what they do.  It's so much fun to lay down on the sandy bottom and play with these guys.



Located in the southern Caribbean the diving does not get much better than this!  The water temp was 84 degrees and the visibility is rarely below 100'.  East Point is on the eastern most part of the island (divers on not very creative in naming sites).  The property owner does not allow the public (or anyone else) to use his land to access the ocean so the only way to this site is by boat.  I dove with Ocean Encounters who were amazing hosts.  Check out the video for some of what you will see at this site.  Check back soon as there are 3 more dives in the Curacao series.