Learn to Dive with Bucket list Diving

Bucket List Diving teaches diving through PADI.  PADI is the world's largest scuba training organization with facilities world wide.  Bucket List Diving partners with Deep Blue Scuba and Swim Center in Long Beach, CA.  Confined water sessions are conducted in a 90 degree heated pool.  Open Water training dives take place at Catalina Island and local beaches.


Open Water Diver

This is your first step into the world of diving. During the course you will develop the skills and confidence needed to dive safely with a buddy in open water such as a lake or the ocean.  The Open Water Diver course consists of three elements:

Knowledge Development

Bucket List Diving uses PADI eLearning for knowledge development.  The replaces most of the classroom sessions allowing you to learn the academic portions of the course on your own time at your own pace.  Of course your instructor is always available to answer any questions you may have during the eLearning.

Confined Water Training

We will practice all the skills needed to be diver in the comfort and safety of the heated pool.  Skills start off very basic and we build on them to make you more confident and comfortable.  Once you master the skills in the pool you will be ready to move onto the next element of the course... OPEN WATER!

Open Water Training

Your final step in the Open Water Diver certification will by your open water checkout dives.  You will complete four open water dives to complete the training.  Your first three dives will be off a boat at Catalina Island.  There are multiple world class dive sites for us to dive.  Your final dive will be done off a local beach at either the Marnie Protected Areas in Laguna Beach or many other dive sites near Los Angeles.  During the open water dives you will demonstrate the skills we mastered in the pool.  After successful completion of the open water dives you will receive your certification!